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Education Act before the Constitutional Court

BERNARD LEGAL is representing Via Cordata o.p.s., the founder of a school based, inter alia, on Montessori education in the case of the repeal of part of the Education Act detrimental to private schools in access to the education market. This part of the Education Act is also being contested by a separate submission of a group of senators.

These submissions are a response to the alarming fact that according to polls conducted within the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) the motivation of Czech primary schools pupils is one of the worst of all OECH countries (for example in 2015 Czech pupils showed the least interest in learning from among fifty-five monitored countries with a great gap and in all monitored scientific areas).

The subject of the submission is to repeal the provision of the Education Act which delegates to the Ministry of Education the determination of conditions under which teaching will take place in schools; the determination of these conditions should be laid down by the law, i.e. and also be the result of far greater quality and a more extensive process.