We shall resolve all your problems for you

BERNARD LEGAL was founded in 2009 by JUDr. Radovan Bernard who at that time had more than 12 years of work experience from major international law offices. At present, our team is comprised mostly of legal experts with international experience, too.

We have won the trust of our clients, and therefore we help them with complex issues from the sphere of their business - going beyond the limits of just legal consulting. We have experience with global issues, as well as the knowledge of the local environment. We deliver results. The consulting we provide is really efficient.

Benefits of working with


International quality and expertise for reasonable costs.

Although we have gained experience from working in large international law offices, we are able to provide legal services in an efficient and cost saving manner.

Experience in management of global projects

We also have experience in management of prestigious projects in various segments of the economy.

We connect various spheres and practice areas

Thanks to our unique combination of legal and technological background in some of our attorneys, our legal advice is at all times connected with tax and technological implications.


We can resolve the problems you are facing

We can resolve your problems for you. We enjoy the deep trust of our clients who do not hesitate to share with us complex issues in the sphere of their business, which go far beyond mere consulting of legal issues.

We understand the business of our clients

Problems that our clients face are a challenge for us. Even in seemingly hopeless situations, we are able to find a solution for our clients. That's why clients stay with us.

We are excellent negotiators

We have learned our know-how from the best experts. We are able to lead a client even through the most difficult situations with certainty and successful outcome.


Cooperating law offices abroad

We do what we know best. In other aspects of the project, we cooperate with the best experts. We are able to prepare, in a highly efficient manner, transactions involving a foreign element - thanks to our network of collaborating law offices abroad.

We save time and money of our clients

Since we are aware of the company's internal processes and needs of their management, we are able to effectively act in the role of a company lawyer for some of our clients.

We know the local environment

We have a thorough knowledge of the local environment and we have provided services to clients from among government bodies on a long term basis. Thanks to our expertise, our clients at all times obtain a solution which is most efficient for them.

We are saving both time and money of our clients

Who is our team comprised of?