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Legal Newsletter August 2023

1. 8. 2023

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30. 4. 2021

Delivery of the military goods to the army

23. 4. 2021

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31. 3. 2021

Strategic alliance with MARTIN MANTZ

25. 3. 2021

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29. 1. 2021

Legal newsletter December 2020

4. 1. 2021

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24. 11. 2020

Legal newsletter October 2020

2. 11. 2020

Finalizing delivery contract in amount of EUR 10 mil.

6. 10. 2020

BERNARD LEGAL finalizes EUR 10 mil. military equipment delivery contract

Legal newsletter September 2020

7. 9. 2020

Legal newsletter July 2020

31. 7. 2020

Legal advice on financing a production company

25. 6. 2020

BERNARD LEGAL advises on CZK1 billion financing provided to a distressed production company.

Acquisition project worth CZK 1billion

27. 5. 2020

BERNARD LEGAL advises on CZK 1 billion real estate acquisition project.


14. 4. 2020

BERNARD LEGAL assists numerous its clients on legal issues related to COVID-19 pandemic including defaults in deliveries and changing terms and conditions in commercial contracts.

Contribution to Privacy Checklist issued by American Bar Association

12. 2. 2020

BERNARD LEGAL contributed to the American Bar Association issue of the Privacy Checklist dealing with GDPR and related privacy issues.

Military Material Transaction

28. 1. 2020

BERNARD LEGAL assists in an multimillion EUR military material transaction.

Acquisition of Czech business project

25. 11. 2019

BERNARD LEGAL assists its international client in acquisition of Czech business project.

Company Restructuring

3. 10. 2019

BERNARD LEGAL provides legal assistance connected with restructuring a middle size manufacturing company.

Land Acquisition

11. 6. 2019

BERNARD LEGAL finalizes land acquisition transaction for a key Czech developer.

Legal Due Diligence

5. 10. 2018

BERNARD LEGAL prepares an internal legal due diligence report for the holding group focusing on auditing group's transactions over the last 10 years.

Articles of Association Structuring

27. 9. 2018

BERNARD LEGAL redrafts for some of its clients - large joint stock companies - Articles of Association in order to enhance the effectivity of these by-laws

Spa Hotel Rental

22. 8. 2018

BERNARD LEGAL represents the owner in renting its well-known spa hotel.

Know-How Protection

17. 7. 2018

BERNARD LEGAL prepares for a multinational group a contract for the protection of know-how for research and development of technology worth hundreds of millions CZK.

GDPR Compliance

17. 5. 2018

BERNARD LEGAL finalizes for its clients legal documents related to GDPR compliance.

Successful Acquisition

18. 4. 2018

Successful finalization of the acquisition of OKD, a.s. by PRISKO a.s., the wholly owned State enterprise, represented by BERNARD LEGAL.

Cross-Border Insolvency

14. 3. 2018

BERNARD LEGAL assists its client in cross-border insolvency receivables collection.

GDPR compliance programme

2. 11. 2017

BERNARD LEGAL in cooperation with MacRoberts LLP provides a compliance programme for a multinational client specialising in the privacy policy after the coming into effect of the GDPR.

Education Act before the Constitutional Court

25. 10. 2017

We are contributing to a senator’s submission to the Constitutional Court in the case of the repeal of part of the Education Act detrimental to private schools.

Division of businesses

5. 10. 2017

BERNARD LEGAL is ensuring the division of the businesses of a multinational client in the form of a split.

BERNARD LEGAL before the European Commission

27. 9. 2017

BERNARD LEGAL is representing a client in matters of competition before the European Commission.

Divestment of property

23. 8. 2017

BERNARD LEGAL appointed legal consultant for representing a multinational client in the process of divestment connected with sale to an American investor.

Issue of bonds

27. 7. 2017

BERNARD LEGAL provides consulting in connection with the issue of bonds.

GDPR compliance programme

12. 7. 2017

BERNARD LEGAL is preparing the GDPR compliance programme for the state property participation.

Representation in technological cooperation

20. 6. 2017

BERNARD LEGAL is representing a client in the negotiation of a set of contracts in technological cooperation worth about 1 billion CZK.

JUDr. Bernard speaks for Firemní ombudsman, z.s. (Corporate Ombudsman Association)

11. 5. 2017

JUDr. Bernard speaks for Firemní ombudsman, z.s. (Corporate Ombudsman Association) on the subject of privacy policy and the impact of the GDPR.

Property acquisition

3. 5. 2017

BERNARD LEGAL is representing a property developer in the purchase of land.

We are representing PRISKO a.s. in the acquisition of the plant OKD, a.s.

5. 4. 2017

BERNARD LEGAL is representing PRISKO a.s. in negotiating transaction documentation concerning the acquisition of the plant OKD, a.s.

Change of the form of shares

13. 3. 2017

BERNARD LEGAL is changing the form of shares of a trading company in connection with the amendment to the Public Procurement Act.

New system of remuneration

8. 2. 2017

BERNARD LEGAL proposes a new system of remuneration for state property participation.

JUDr. Bernard and JUDr. Šléglová, LL.M. speak for the Klub Personalistů ČR (HR Professionals Club of the Czech Republic)

25. 1. 2017

JUDr. Bernard and JUDr. Šléglová, LL.M. speak for the Klub Personalistů ČR (HR Professionals Club of the Czech Republic) with regard to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Comprehensive settlement

13. 1. 2017

BERNARD LEGAL is finalising the comprehensive settlement of several Czech and Slovak companies settling mutual trade relations.

We are representing Terbay-SiBA in litigation for 500 mil. CZK

4. 1. 2017

BERNARD LEGAL is representing the Turkish joint venture Terbay-SiBA in litigation for 500 mil. CZK with Vítkovice Power Engineering in the matter of the delivery of the Yunus Emre Thermal Power Plant.