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Property/Building law

BERNARD LEGAL has extensive experience of real estate matters. We provide legal services in all stages of property development and construction in the long-term for our clients - leading property developers, as well as manufacturing companies investing in the construction of technological and transport buildings; we provide legal services in all stages of property development and construction. It is an advantage for our clients that some of our senior lawyers have an engineering education, thanks to which and together with our tax specialisation the clients receive comprehensive consulting also in tax and technical matters. Another advantage for the client is our active participation in various organisational and groupings in property and construction law.

We provide legal services namely in these areas:

  • Purchase and sale of real estate including legal inspections of real estate and non-real estate companies and proposed optimal manner of making transactions
  • Shareholder agreements in property development
  • Financing property development and construction
  • Construction contracts
  • Regulatory matters; permits and licences in construction law and representation in administrative proceedings
  • Insolvency aspects in property development and construction
  • Consulting and representation of interest organisations in the legislative process