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Sourcing and technology

In sourcing BERNARD LEGAL offers a model of integrated consultations/legal consultation which is innovative, well considered and proven by long-term experience. In terms of the complexity of the development of a sourcing solution, the presence of a single partner who will assist you at every step is a clear advantage. The integrated services of BERNARD LEGAL can take a company through the entire outsourcing cycle, from drawing up a strategy and sales analysis up to negotiation and implementation. This service model minimises costs and optimises the value for our clients.

We understand technologies. The more than 20-year experience in technology projects and technical education of some of our experts are an advantage for our clients.

We provide legal services namely in these areas:

  • Contracts for work. Contracts for the delivery of goods and provision of services. FIDIC standards
  • Greenfield investment and brownfield investment
  • Telecommunications
  • Environmental law and other legal branches connected with technology investment