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Tax law

At BERNARD LEGAL clients will find a unique combination of legal and tax expertise. The legal aid we provide is based on experience with tax assessment and optimisation of an entire spectrum of global corporations, property and financial transactions involving mergers and divisions, venture transfers, property transfers business stake transfer and operations on the capital market, as well as individual separate operations of the payout of managers’ income. Thanks to this clients at BERNARD LEGAL will gain tax optimised and legally secure solutions that can achieve significant financial savings.

By representing clients in tax proceedings before financial authorities and courts, including the Supreme Administrative Court we appropriately combine our professional knowledge in procedural-legal aspects of judicial or administrative proceedings with our tax practice. Our combination of the expertise of tax consultants with lawyer expertise is of significant advantage to clients in tax litigation.

We provide legal services namely in these areas:

  • Corporate income/Corporate clients
  • Personal income tax/Private clients
  • Other taxes
  • Tax proceedings