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Transformations and acquisitions

At BERNARD LEGAL clients can utilise our extensive experience of all types of transformations of business corporations and numerous acquisitions and dispositions with property including major international companies operating in various business segments. In our services we always fully combine legal with tax consulting. A separate chapter is procedures for increasing a shareholder stake in a company, including takeover bids and squeeze out of minority shareholders, in which we also have long-term experience of consistent protection of majority shareholders in case of the abuse of rights by other parties.

AT BERNARD LEGAL clients can utilise our skills to successfully coordinate an entire project, i.e. particularly harmonise the procedure and results of project work ensured by the client's internal departments and other external consultants, such as the auditor and expert. This coordination provides the client with the full implementation of the project's value, significantly simplifying its organisation for the client, reduces project costs, as well as the continuity of the project's legal, accounting and economic part and its safe implementation. In addition, during the coordination the client can obtain from BERNARD LEGAL a proposed optimised alternative solution taking into account the aspects of tax, accounting and valuation.

We provide legal services namely in these areas

  • Mergers and division of business corporations including transaction spin-off and transformations in a business concern
  • Purchase and sale of stakes in business corporations
  • Purchase and sale of a plant (parts thereof) or set of assets
  • Squeeze out of minority shareholders (squeeze-out), redemption of stakes)
  • Increase of a stake in a business corporation
  • Joint ventures, shareholder agreements
  • Takeover bids